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About Me

Sarah is an honours graduate from The Alberta College of Art and Design (2017) with a practice based in illustration and photography. She has participated in various art shows such as “It Is.” at Truck Contemporary Art Gallery (2016),The Class of Glass at Passion for Glass Gallery (2017), Earth Show with Limelighter (2017) and The People's Poetry Festival at Loft 112 (2017) in Calgary, Alberta. Her piece titled “Krill Kill” was recently published in The Goose, a Journal of Arts, Environment, and Culture in Canada. Most recently she’s been represented by The Anomolous Underground, an online gallery dedicated to representing artists in the pop surrealism and "lowbrow" art community.


Her conceptual artwork represents the connections and voids between humans and nature and humans as nature. With the familiar juxtaposed into the unfamiliar, the Real becomes the Surreal. Fragmenting the human body subverts the human condition and therefore confronts the philosophical ideas of absurdity and what it means to be “human”.  The Works compare the desires of humans with the needs of human nature. There is a void between our natural instincts as entities of and as nature, and our intrinsic intelligence that create needs for conveniences and short cuts. Recognizing and imagining the symbolism is in itself a recognition of the void.


In addition to her art practice, she works as a contract photographer for various clients stretching from real estate, fashion, and social media content. Most of her skills are self-taught and include advanced knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Illustrator.